The NFT company's goal is the production of pipeline fittings (SDT), the main difference of which from the existing products on the market will be the ability to withstand the high pressure of the transported matter through a tube (up to 35 MPa for parts with a diameter up to 1420 mm).

Production will provide consumers with quality products produced in Russia, produced by modern technology, reduce dependence on foreign supplies of production, will set new standards of quality Russian companies, will enable timely implementation of the planned projects Energy leaders.

  • Vaulin Aleksandr Gennadievich
    General Director of OAO NFT
    Vaulin Aleksandr Gennadievich

    "Meeting the customer requirements is a top priority of our company"

  • Birkovskiy Dmitriy Valeryevich
    Financial Director of OAO NFT
    Birkovskiy Dmitriy Valeryevich

    "Total amount of investments in the construction of the plant is about 2 billion rubles"

  • Gorbunov Maksim Leonidovich
    Chief Development Officer, OAO NFT
    Gorbunov Maksim Leonidovich

    "Our company has a great potential for its development"

  • Zvonaryov Aleksey Ivanovich
    Director of quality, OAO NFT
    Zvonaryov Aleksey Ivanovich

    "Permanent quality improvement through a systematic approach to the management of the QMS"

  • Vaulin Aleksandr Gennadievich
  • Birkovskiy Dmitriy Valeryevich
  • Gorbunov Maksim Leonidovich
  • Zvonaryov Aleksey Ivanovich
  • Branches stamp-welded and stamped sharply-bent
  • Tees stamp-welded
  • Tees welded
  • The bottoms elliptical stamped
  • Transition pieces welded and stamp-welded concentric
  • Units of pipelines assembling

All production