Vaulin Aleksandr Gennadievich
Vaulin Aleksandr Gennadievich
General Director of OAO NFT
  • Vaulin Aleksandr Gennadyevich
    Vaulin Aleksandr Gennadyevich
    Production director, OAO NFT
  • Birkovskiy Dmitriy Valeryevich
    Birkovskiy Dmitriy Valeryevich
    Financial Director of OAO NFT
  • Gorbunov Maksim Leonidovich
    Gorbunov Maksim Leonidovich
    Chief Development Officer, OAO NFT
  • Zvonaryov Aleksey Ivanovich
    Zvonaryov Aleksey Ivanovich
    Director of quality, OAO NFT
  • Branches stamp-welded and stamped sharply-bent
  • Tees stamp-welded
  • Tees welded
  • The bottoms elliptical stamped
  • Transition pieces welded and stamp-welded concentric
  • Units of pipelines assembling

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