Quality system

The quality policy is the foundation of OAO NFT and is aimed at fulfilling the company's mission, creating a basis for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.  

The motto of OAO NFT - into the future with innovation!

The purpose of the Open Joint Stock Company New Fitting Technologies is to satisfy the needs of consumers in the pipeline fittings characterised by the ability to withstand high pressure.

The quality policy of NFT based on the quality management principles:

  1. Focusing on the production output corresponding to the requirements of consumers.
  2. Direction leadership is management in the implementation of quality objectives and targets.
  3. Cooperation of employees in the solution of problems in the field of quality and objectives of the enterprise.
  4. Process approach to management.
  5. Permanent improvement.
  6. Decision making based on evidence.
  7. Reliable and mutually beneficial relationships with partners.


The main tasks in the field of quality:

  1. Meeting the customer requirements.
  2. Production of pipeline fittings meeting the requirements of standards and customer requirements.
  3. Permanent improvement of product quality based on innovative methods.
  4. Sustaining the brand image of a reliable organization.
  5. Providing the quality management system complies with GOST R ISO 9001 and STO Gazprom 9001.


The management of NFT ensures the application of QMS to improve the organization's performance by the following methods: 

  1. Address quality issues as a priority.
  2. Compliance with the requirements established by laws and regulations.
  3. Implementing innovative technologies.
  4. Increasing of QMS effectiveness, including the improvement of process control of OAO NFT based on the Deming cycle (PDCA).
  5. Providing activities of the organization by the competent and motivated personnel at all levels.
  6. Motivation of staff interest in the high quality of their work.
  7. Clear definition of responsibility at all levels.
  8. Timely informing organization personnel about achieving the quality objectives, analysis of the functioning of processes and product quality.
  9. Improvement of the work with suppliers and customers to ensure a reliable partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation.
  10. Providing activities of the organization with the necessary resources.
  11. The development in the organization of the risk-oriented thinking to plan and implement activities related to the risks and opportunities.


Customer quality satisfaction of our products is the highest grade of OAO NFT activity.

Top management is committed to ensuring the conditions for the implementation of policies in the field of quality, suitability analysis and bringing it to the organization personnel.

  • Branches stamp-welded and stamped sharply-bent
  • Tees stamp-welded
  • Tees welded
  • The bottoms elliptical stamped
  • Transition pieces welded and stamp-welded concentric
  • Units of pipelines assembling

All production