OAO NFT is looking for a contractor

OAO NFT administration notifies all organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in construction and installation work, it is ready to consider their participation as subcontractors in the construction of a plant for the production of pipeline fittings in the city of Tchaikovsky. All interested persons may contact for more information by phone 8 (34241) 73-700 (ext. 2024 and ext.1024) from 10.00 to 17.00 (Yekaterinburg Time)

Conditions and terms of reference can be downloaded here

OAO NFT is interested in the offers of potential suppliers of furniture

Send the information on v.rybin@nft-group.ru with the subject "Furniture supplier for OAO NFT"

Floor plans can be downloaded here

  • Branches stamp-welded and stamped sharply-bent
  • Tees stamp-welded
  • Tees welded
  • The bottoms elliptical stamped
  • Transition pieces welded and stamp-welded concentric
  • Units of pipelines assembling

All production